Get out of that slump..

Good morning everyone.  You may have noticed that it has been a while since I have posted on my page.  I have been going through this “emotional funk” thing lately and I am really not sure why.  My motivation to exercise is not the same as it was just a few weeks ago; I have been struggling with even wanting to eat healthy;  It has been hard for me to create exercise programs for my Saturday morning circuit challenge;  Studying for my Personal Trainer Certification, has been put off to binge watch T.V shows.  I feel like I am completely out of touch with what is really important to me and why I even started this Change4Life challenge.  One of the things I teach others when working with them on their own health journey, is to be prepared for this same type of event, because it will come.  No matter who we are, or where we are in our journey, there will come a day when we start to relapse into our old funky ways.  Yes, we need to be aware that the day will come, but to say that it will be easy to overcome, well, would just be a flat out lie.  It is not easy.  BUT, that doesn’t mean that we just give up either.  To give up would mean that we no longer care about anything we have been striving to accomplish.

I don’t know about you, but I do still have dreams of helping people.  Teaching them how to overcome these types of situations when they are faced with them.  Maybe me going through this right now, is a way for me to be able to do that.  I mean, how can I help others to overcome, if I have never experienced the same things.  Now granted, each of us will have different life events that move us in the direction of relapse, but what is important, is that we learn how to overcome them, so that we can continue our journey of living a healthy life.  And part of that journey includes being able to Inspire others to keep fighting and to not give up.  I am convinced, that part of my calling is to not only help others figure out the path they need to follow for their journey, but also to show them that they to are called to inspire change into the lives of those they touch.   If we all just focused on ourselves, and cared little about helping others, where would that leave us?  We have all learned things form others that have helped us grow and mature in life.  Think about where we would be if those people just stopped caring, and decided that no one else mattered?  Teaching and inspiring others to do what we have done, AND to even do more than we have done, is what will keep us alive!

Writing this Blog this morning, has reminded me of why I started doing this in the first place: To Inspire Change!  Slumps will happen.  Tough time are inevitable. But, they are also temporary.  Giving back to others through encouragement and inspiration, can have a lasting impact that could potentially, change their life forever.  So, don’t give up on your dreams or your journey to get there.  Remember that you have the ability to inspire someone else to overcome their obstacles, by sharing with them how you have overcome, and never gave up!

Week 7. Great Week. Complete.

Happy Monday everyone!  As week 7 has come to a close, I have to say, it was a FANTASTIC Week for me!  I am now at 173 as my lowest weight for the week, and I am also now out of the 20% BF range and into the 19’s!  I feel like I am really in a good “groove” right now.  I am so much more confident with my eating plan and have been so much more successful at keeping my body fueled.  Since I am weight lifting 5 times a week, I still need to figure out how much I should be eating to allow for muscle growth , without gaining excess body fat.  This process has been a challenge for me, so if anyone has any tips or advice, I would be glad to hear them!

An update on the Change4Life Circuit training Challenge:  I have set the date for July 8th, and I have added the event to my HOME page under “Upcoming Events“.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Bring out your inner athlete!


My wife and I ran our very first 10K yesterday! Neither one of us are very good runners, but we really enjoy the atmosphere for these types of events.  This was the inaugural run for the FORTitude 10K race in Fort Collins, CO.  It was super fun!!  Although we have run several 5K races in the past, this was our first attempt at a 10K.  Besides the fact that we have not run this distance before and we did poor job of preparing for it, we came away with great memories!  Now, we did suffer from a lot of soreness throughout the rest of the day, but laughing at each other as we walked around like we just rode the worlds most feared Bull for an hour, helped keep our spirits up!

There was over 7500 participants in this event, and I must say, it was the largest one I have ever been a part of.  As I was running/walking the course, I was came across many different “fit” types of people.  There were runners that were older, younger, shorter, taller, heavier, thinner, and even some with obvious disabilities.  Events like this seem to bring people together with one common goal;  to have fun and do the best they can do.  I was passed up by people that were older and heavier than me. As they passed me by,  I could’t help but feel encouraged by them.  Here they are, giving everything they have, to accomplish something that can be viewed as “something only athletes can do”.  Which prompts the question; “What is an athlete. Really”?  In society, we tend to look at athletes as those we see on T.V.  No doubt Michael Jordan or Michael Phelps would be considered athletes.  I know I used to have that same perception.    The Dictionary has an athlete described as: “a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise”.  Would we consider the 60+ year old person, that by appearance, seems to be at least 50 pounds overweight, yet can run a full 10K without stopping, to be an athlete?  I wonder if that person would consider themselves to be an athlete?  We in society tend to base our beliefs on the perceptions given to us by outside sources, which includes how we were taught growing up.  I too was always persuaded by the societal perceptions.  Being in the health and fitness industry, has definitely change my perception of who is an athlete.  The 60 year old, overweight person may not fit the “definition” of an athlete.  But to me, because they are participating in an athletic event, and because they are as proficient in that event as they possibly can be, at this point in time, that person is indeed an athlete!

I suggest that it is time for us to start changing our preconceived views of what defines an athlete, and start looking at the person, and the all the hard work that person put in to be able to do what they are doing today.  The battles they fought within themselves; their doubts and fears;  the negative comments and looks that were cast their way; the pain from old or unused muscles.  We need to embrace the fact that every one of us has an inner athlete.  Some of us may choose to ignore that reality and just go on living our lives with absolutely no changes being made at all.  But those of us that want to be more than we are now, I have one thing to say;  GO FOR IT!!!!  Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from being the absolute best YOU can be.  Push back the doubts and fears and pain, and push forward!  You can do anything you put your mind to.  Societal thinking cannot put you in a box.  There is an amazing athlete in you, just waiting to be let loose.  Let it loose!   Be free from excuses and negativity.  Live like you have never lived before!  Hold nothing back, and do not let anything hold you back.  You are an athlete.  All you have to do, is believe in yourself.


Happy Wednesday everyone!!  Well, I would like to thank fellow blogger “thewayonline” for becoming the 100th follower of  the Change4Life  Blog!  I am very grateful for ALL of those that follow me and I am grateful to be able to follow all of you as well.  This is a very new experience for me, but it has become one that I absolutely love to do.  Being able to share my thought, desires, passions and hopefully – inspiration, to the world, is an amazing thing to be a part of.  Although the opportunity to share my heart with you is extremely enjoyable, I must be honest;  there are times, especially lately, that I find myself without words.  I know in my heart that I want to be able to inspire change into this world, but some day’s it just seems too daunting of a task.  I am sure we all have experienced that at times, and I know that in order to inspire change, I have to be willing to persevere through these times of doubt, fear and insecurity.   So, persevere I will!

Perseverance:  “steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success”.

Hmm.. Let that soak in a minute.. if you have to read it over and over again, please do so.  I know I am.  There are a few things that stick out to me immediately as I read this.  One, is that it requires a “steadfast” attitude.  An attitude that suggests that there is no giving up.  I will keep going, no matter what.  Two, tells me that I will face difficulty or delay in achieving success.  There is no “maybe“, it is a fact.  Since we are all created differently, this will have different meanings to each of  us.  To me, it means that I need to be prepared mentally, because these times are coming, and they will not show mercy.  Difficulty means tough times.  It will require each of us to dig down deep into our inner selves, and muster up whatever energy or emotional strength we need to keep fighting through the pain or fear or doubts, that we may have.

Will this be easy to do?  For some, maybe. But for the majority of us, by no means will it be easy.  But then again, isn’t that just  .. life?  We ALL have ups and downs in life.  What matters, is how we persevere through those times, and come out on top.  Since success is the ultimate goal, we each have to figure out what that is.  Once we do that, we can then create a strategic plan that will get us there.  It will require time, patience, and commitment, but as it is often said: “if it was easy, everyone would be doing it”.  You are the only one that can decide which path will be taken: the path of least resistance; or the path that will lead you to becoming stronger and more committed, by challenging your self-worth, every step of the way.  My hope is that you will see the rewards in the latter of those two options, and travel the road that leads to success!!

Expect, the Unexpected.

Life just seems to have a way of throwing things out of balance, doesn’t it?  We make plans for one thing, then something happens, and we have to change our plans.  We make goals for ourselves, and then life happens, and our goals have to change.  Just like that, our worlds are turned up-side-down.  Well, at least it sure seems that way.  I think we can all agree, that this has happened to us at least once in our lives; Yes?  I can honestly say, this seems to happen to me on a daily basis.

These “unexpected changes” seem to really like to target my health plans and goals.  I have started setting quarterly goals, as my long-term goal, and then I break that down into weekly and even daily goals that I use to keep me on track to reach that long-term goal.  I use my Change4Life workbook to monitor my eating and exercises for each day.  I am able to then determine if I am doing what I need to do, in order to meet the upcoming goal.  Until recently, things have been going as planned.  I have been gaining lean muscle, gaining strength, and losing body fat. Just as I planned.  Then, the unexpected happened.  My body stopped changing.  I hadn’t changed anything in my daily food intake;  I am still exercising at least 5 day a week;  I have actually increased my cardio using HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) at least 3 days a week.  I have had to increase my food intake to keep up with the higher demand I am putting on my body, but I have been very careful, not to increase it more than my body will burn.  But for some reason, over the last 2-3 weeks, my body has stopped changing.  It is certainly perplexing, to say the least.

You may be asking yourself; “What does Don’s body not changing, have to with the unexpected”?  And the answer would be; Everything.  When we set our sights on something, and we plan it all out and make goals and do whatever we need to do to make the plan come to fruition, and then it doesn’t happen, we need to be able to roll with it, and not let it deter us from going forward.  So many times, when something unexpected happens, I have had to test my own willingness to keep going.  I would either evaluate, adjust, and overcome, or I would get overwhelmed and retreat.  Things are going to happen; it’s a fact of nature.  What we have to ask ourselves is, “are we ready”?  Are we mentally and emotionally, ready?  Our mental and emotional state are what we are the most vulnerable to when it comes to the unexpected.  We can usually handle the physically unexpected stuff like broken bones or cuts.  But when it comes to the mental and emotional things in life, man, we can absolutely lose all sense of security and control we thought we had on our lives.  It can literally change our lives forever.

Obviously, there are so many things that are out of our control.  I get that.  The main point here is that, the more we plan to have unexpected things happen in our lives, the potential for them to have a lesser impact on us, increases.  Since there are no guarantee’s for anything that we will come across in life, I propose that we take a step back and let life happen.  We can’t predict it, and we can’t change it.  All we can do is make the best of every situation that life throws us.  Because that, we can control.

What we eat, really DOES matter.


Good morning everyone. I hope that our week is going great so far.

Being on my own health change journey,and using my Change4Life workbook to document my daily progress, I have noticed some interesting facts about how my nutrition intake from the previous evening, plays a huge part of how much energy I have the next morning.  It also plays a role in how well I sleep that night.  I know we have touched on this before, but I have to say, the farther along I get in my own journey, the more the nutrition aspect of it really opens my eyes.   I have been really focusing on keeping my nutrition as healthy as possible, but I have noticed that when I have something going on in the evening, I tend to gravitate more towards “quick and easy” for my meal that evening.  I am sure we can all relate to that, especially those of you that have kids and activities and school and .. just flat-out busy lives.  Last night was one of those nights for me.  I had an event last night that put me in a position to find something quick and easy for dinner.  I chose a local “healthier” burger place.  I had a burger with cheddar cheese on a multi-grain bun and some sweet potato fries with an iced tea.  Sounds ok right?  For most people, it probably would be ok.  I have said many times that each of us need to know what works for our own bodies in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Well, for me, I am finding out that I just cannot eat any whole grains after noon time.  It takes to much energy for my body to process that type of food.  Again, this is true for ME, and may not be for you, so please make sure you are tracking your daily nutrition intake to determine what does work for you, and what does not work for you.  Another observation I have made form tracking my nutrition, is that foods that are fried with anything other than Olive oil or Grapeseed oil, do not work for me either.  Many restaurants will say they are using a “healthy oil” now-a-day’s, but we still have to be very cautious of what  that oil is.  The go-to oil for most restaurants is Canola Oil, largely due to the Mediterranean Diet, which uses this oil is it’s main ingredient.  Canola Oil is has many mixed reviews as to it’s health benefits, so PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH to determine of this is a product that you are comfortable using.  It does not work well in my body.  Salad dressings are another item to watch out for.  Eating a salad can be very healthy, as long as you are mindful of the dressing.  I suggest to have it on the side, and not premixed, and to stay away from the creamy dressings, as they can potentially have more bad fats and have a high sugar content.   Make sure you are aware of the ingredients so that you are not ambushing your healthy salad, with unhealthy dressing.

Eating out, is definitely more challenging than eating at home.  More and more restaurants and food establishments, are displaying  their nutrition facts either on their website or even on their menus.  Before you go out to eat, do your research.  If they don’t have them available on their website, then don’t hesitate to call them.  We need to be able to know what they are using in the cooking process, so that we can make the best choices possible for our health goals.   Making good nutrition choices will help us keep on track with our goals.   Don’t be afraid to try new things, just be mindful of your goals and the foods you are putting into your body to meat those goals.   Now, go eat something healthy and have fun doing it!

Rev up your workout!

Good morning and Happy Monday to you all!  I hope that your weekend was full of joy and great times.  As for myself, I had a great weekend.  My wife and I went for a long bike ride Saturday morning, around the CSU Campus headed for Old Town Ft. Collins where we stopped and had a nice breakfast at our favorite breakfast spot.  Then we headed back around the Campus again on our way home, but decided to go the looonngg way up to Spring Creek park and then back towards home.  It was a total of around two hours that we were out on our bikes and man did it feel good.  then Sunday morning we decided to do the Sprint class in the cycle studio at the gym we go to.  This was the first time we had ever done anything like that and man, did it kick our booties!  The class is set up as a 30 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) session that is part high, as-fast-as-you-can-go, speed; and part heavy duty burn-your-quads-out-so-you-can-barely-move-them, speed.  It was an extremely challenging class, but man .. WAS IT FUN!  I had never done anything like that before, but I cannot wait to do it again.  We burned a ton of calories in that 30 minutes, and as we know, burning calories helps us to lose pounds, as long as we are taking in the appropriate calories to allow that deficit to help us lose those pounds.


Spin classes like these, are one way of getting that calorie burn using the HIIT type circuit.  The Challenge Circuits that we do on Saturday mornings, also use the HIIT format.  The key to these types of exercise programs, is to get your heart rate up to it’s maximum for around 20 – 30 seconds, and then bring it back down for a 10 second rest, and the bring it right back up again.  How high you bring the heart rate up and the speed in which you bring it up, is based on YOUR individual fitness status.  Always make sure that you are in a safe heart rate zone for best results.   One of the things I really like about HIIT is that you can take any exercise routine, whether it be weight training, biking, running, swimming .. etc and turn it into a high intensity interval training routine.  As long as you can get the heart rate up by increasing the speed or intensity of the movement, you can turn it into HIIT Training!  What ever exercise you prefer to do on a daily basis, if you have not tried HIIT Training, go ahead, give it a try.  Turn your workouts into something maybe a little more dynamic and challenging.  I am certain that your body will thank you!

DISCLAIMER: Always consult your physician before starting or attempting any new exercise program.

Happy Friday everyone!  I love Friday’s.  I love that tomorrow is the Challenge Circuit; I love that I get to spend more time with my wife and family; I love that the weekends give me an opportunity to be refreshed and re-energized.  Life seems to be going by so darn fast, and I find myself struggling to keep up with it.  They say that the older you get, the faster life goes by.  I’m not sure I believe that life going by has to do with my age, but I can certainly say, it is going much faster!  It may be that I am busier now with developing the Change4Life Challenge business; Studying for my Personal Trainer Certification; Leading the Challenge Circuit;  Making sure I make time for my own health and fitness program; Being a husband, father and grandfather (Poppie)!  Whatever it is, life is certainly busier than it has been in the past years.

Even though I am busy, I don’t feel like it is a bad thing.  I have always been afraid to step out of my comfort zone, especially now that I am 53, and realize that I can still make a difference in other people’s lives.  I have heard many stories of “older” people going back to school and getting degrees; starting new businesses; making changes in life that they never dreamed were possible.  Now that I am making changes in my own life, I am busier, but man, it is an exciting busy!  I love helping others and I am excited to see how many more people I can inspire to step out an make changes in their lives also!

I have been blessed with as an opportunity to inspire others to make changes in their lives, through the Challenge Circuit!  We have had participants that have suffered for years with physical challenges, get out on the course and give it everything they have!  To see them put aside the challenges, and give an effort that only they can give, INSPIRES me to no end!  Determination.  Passion.  Selflessness.  These people are “Inspiring Change” in not only their own lives, but mine as well.  I am humbled by their commitment.  Thank you!

We were all capable of living our lives to the fullest extent possible.  Granted, some of us have limitations, and you know what you have to be mindful of, but I want to encourage  you to never give up.  Always do the best you can and keep pushing forward.  You will be surprised at what you can accomplish!

Overcoming obstacles.

Overcoming obstacles in order to achieve success, can be a daunting task.  The thing I have noticed about obstacles, is that they don’t discriminate: at all.  They are there for every single one of us.  We all have different obstacles we need to overcome, but they are there nonetheless.  Now the question becomes, “What obstacles are you encountering, and what are you doing to overcome them”?  Only you can answer these questions, and only you know what you will need to do to overcome them.

I would like to tell you a story about a guy that has overcome obstacles in his life, and has accomplished something nobody thought he would even try to accomplish.  His name is Nick, and he is my son-in-law!  When Nick was a boy, he was diagnosed with dyslexia.  Now, that may not seem to be a big deal to most people, but to some, like Nick, it was a very big deal.  So many of us, when faced with adversity, will just cease to function and use that adversity as an excuse to not push through and overcome.  Not Nick.  He never let that keep him from being successful.  Instead, he used the skills that he does have, and mastered them.  Nick is incredibly gifted with his hands.  He is a master cabinet maker, and has an Associates degree in Woodworking; he is a very gifted bow hunter and fisherman; he is also a Paramedic and has the rank of a Lieutenant.  I don’t know anybody that serves and gives to other’s as much as he does.  Even with all that being said, there is more to this story.

Nick has never really been considered as an athlete.  As it turns out, Sports are also an obstacle for him.  His coordination skills just never really developed, so he just wasn’t interested in being an athlete.  But something made Nick look at where he was in life, and decide that changes needed to be made.   About 3 years ago, Nick found himself at the heaviest he had ever been.


Pictures seem to say it all don’t they!  Well, this changed Nicks perception on the need for exercise.  He gradually started changing his eating habits and started to be more involved with exercise.  But what really changed Nick, was the decision he made about 9 months ago.  Nick has always been one to accept any challenge put in front of him.  This time, the challenge was not from someone else, it was from his own desire to make change, a reality.  Now, remember, Nick was never an athlete in school and did not participate in athletic events, unless they were just for the fun of it.  So when Nick told me he was signing up for a 1/2 IRONMAN Triathalon, I was shocked, to the the least.  But one thing you need to know about Nick, is that once he makes a decision to do something, he puts everything he has into it happen.  So, Nick started his journey on training for the IRONMAN.  He was never much of a runner, and so he had to teach himself how to have proper form to prevent injuries.  He is a very good bicyclist, so that part was easy for him to train for.  The third component, swimming, he also had to learn technique so that, well, he didn’t drown .. lol.  But, he did it all with nothing but pure willpower!!  Then, on Aug 5, 2017, Nick finished his very first 1/2 IRONMAN Competition!!


Was he the fasted competitor out there?  No.  But that really is not the point now is it!  He overcame obstacles in his life that would lead him, to accomplishing something nobody ever thought he would even think about doing!  Not only that, but he proved to himself, and all the rest of us, that obstacles can be overcome.  Will it require hard work and dedication?  More than likely.  Will it be worth it?  ABSOLUTELY!!  Nick has been the inspiration behind the whole Change4Life program.  If it were not for his encouragement, I would never had gotten the nerve to even start this process.  He inspires me everyday with all that he has overcome and all that he is now accomplishing!  I am so very proud that he is not only my son-in-law, but that he never lets anything stop him from overcoming obstacles.

YOU .. Got this!

I had a very heart-felt conversation with my wife this morning, about how easily we both give in to our insecurities.  The topic came up because I am looking at getting a Personal Trainer Certification.  I was certified about 15 years ago, but I think back then it was more of a “novelty” than it was a passion for me.   Today, it is certainly my passion.  I have always battled with insecurity, it has diminished some over years, but I still get that voice in the back of my mind telling me I am too stupid to do anything like this, and I will just fail anyway.  I hate that voice.  I have listened to that voice so many times over the years, that I have missed out on many opportunities to be successful.  I know that there are many of you out there that have, or are, battling with this same fear of failure that I am.  Fear is real.  Unfortunately, it is only real because WE allow it to be.  Fear is a state of mind.  It is not a fact or an absolute, it is just a feeling.  A feeling we give into way too often.   A feeling that can make us freeze up and stop dreaming.  A feeling that can control every singe aspect of our lives; If we let it.

Recently I have started a circuit training course at a local park .  I started it because I want to give people that do not normally exercise, a place to go to get some exercise and see how much fun they can have while doing it.  My hope was to inspire change in their lives.  I did not do it for me, but I have gotten so much more out of it than I ever could have imagined.  It has helped me overcome my insecurities!  Every week I create a new circuit. And every week I am forced to get out of my head, and design a course that will not only challenge the course runners, but also make it fun.  I want it to be something that they will be excited to come back to every week.  And they are!  I have to admit, the morning of the very first event, I was so nervous.  I kept hearing that voice again.  That voice that creates fear and doubt and insecurity.  But once I had the course set up, and we were doing it;  The fear left!  It was amazing.  I was confident; I was committed; I was teaching and inspiring, and motivating. I was in a zone that is indescribable.  It was like I was outside myself and this other person just took over.  Maybe you have experienced that before as well at some time in your life.  It changed me.  It helped me to see that I can do this.  I can actually inspire change into others.  I had to be able to see that in myself, before I could believe that I could help others see it in themsleves.

I know how fear can grip our lives and keep us from believing in ourselves. I experienced this fear quite often.  But when we put that fear aside, and take the leap of faith, and just go for it, something happens.  Something that is locked up deep inside, comes out and takes over.  There is a quote from Walt Disney that say’s; “If you can dream it you can do it”.  I have never believed that this could apply to me.  I can encourage, and inspire and teach others to believe this in themselves, but I never believed it for me.  Since I have started the Circuit Training Challenge, my attitude is completely different.  I know that my passion for helping others to live a healthy lifestyle, will drive me to succeed.  It is not about ME.  It always has been, and always will be, about YOU!  Helping others believe in themselves, and inspiring change in them, is what I hope to accomplish in everything I do.  I have noticed, that when I make the greater good about someone other than me, things just seem to work.  I love that.

In closing today, I hope that we can all conquer our fears.  We can do anything we put our hearts and minds into.  DO NOT Listen to the negative voices that have choked out your dreams.  Listen to the voice that tells you how Amazing you are; the voice that tells you to live your life to the full.  That voice, knows that you can do this.  That voice knows that you are a strong, successful person and will conquer anything that gets in your way!  Listen to that voice, because you .. got this!

One small step.

Since starting the Change4Life Challenge Group and Circuit Training Challenge, I have had have several really good conversations with many members of that group.  I am excited to say, the more we do this, the more I am learning!  When it comes to exercise, I have a tendency to jump right in and go full throttle and at times I can expect the same attitude from those I am training with.  I have been humbly reminded that this is not the case for all people.  Each one of us have limits to what we can do and at what pace we can do it.  Taking small steps towards a goal is not necessarily a bad thing.  I would add a caution here though; if we are taking small steps just because we don’t want to challenge ourselves, then I would say it is my job to push you and get you moving at a pace that will actually benefit your progress.  One of the aspects of coaching that I embrace the most is,  being able to have a conversation with someone; get a feel for their goals and their challenges; create a plan together; and then do everything I can to inspire change into their lives!  When we have a plan in place that allows us to make the changes that we never thought were possible, it changes us!  So many of us just do not know where to start.  We see all the advertisements in the media and we hear about this person and that person making life changes, but have no idea how any of that would work for us.  Being able to sit down with someone and show them what it takes to make those types of life changes .. is truly PRICELESS!  

Taking the steps necessary to change our lives, means something totally different from one person to the next.  There is no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all, solution that everyone can use.  We need to be able to see a successful transition from living an unhealthy lifestyle, to living a healthy lifestyle, other wise we will just give up.  The only way we can do that, is by taking small steps that will affect changes ..  in US.  We cannot worry about what other people may or may not be doing.  This is about what we can do and what we are willing to do. I say willing, because we are typically all capable of doing much more than we think we can.  So when it comes to change, we have to be willing to challenge ourselves and get out of our comfort zones.  I promise you, that when you do challenge yourself, and not let your mind put limits on your physical ability, you will be able to experience success like never before!


Participating on a Circuit Training course like the one above, is one way to start taking those small steps to making change in your life.  I can tell you, every single person that ran this course, put everything  they could into it. We had participants ranging form 8 years old to over 50 years old.  We even have a runner that had suffered form Lime Disease for several years, and is now battling Chronic Fatigue.  But, she gave everything she had to take those small steps towards change!  What an amazing victory for her!!!

I encourage you:  Take the first step!  It may be challenging;  It may be scary;  But it will be worth every ounce of energy you put into it. Everyone of us, has so much more inside of us than we think.  Take a chance on living your life to the fullest.  It is the only one we get.