There is no finish line.

It’s a continuous journey.

Hello everyone, and welcome to the “Change4Life” blog site.  I am super excited for you to be joining me on this journey we call, life.  So many of us want to make changes in our lives, but we either don’t know how to make them or don’t know what changes to make.  Sometimes, we are afraid to make them because, well let’s face it, change can be scary.  I get it.  I am not a big fan of change either.  But here’s the thing; without change, we won’t be able to reach our full potential. Without change we are telling ourselves that where we are in life, is just good enough. Why are we ok with “just good enough”?  I am tired of just being good enough.  I want more for me, for my family and certainly for people like you that are here because they want to make changes in their lives and are tired of being in this rut in life that keeps them from becoming more!

 Change4LIfe was created when my wife Kelly and I were helping out some friends of ours.  The topic of losing weight came up and so, it was decided we should do this together to help each other out.  We knew that in order to do this, we would need to eat healthier and start exercising more.  Sounds simple enough, right? I mean, that is what everyone else does.  So, we set out on this journey to lose weight, and along the way we invited more friends of ours to come along with us.  But then something happened.   We were meeting together as a group to go over some goals, and it turned into a much deeper conversation than I expected.  It was no longer just about eating right and exercising, it was about daily schedules; emotions; history; and life.  There was no way we could ignore all these concerns and make it just about eating and exercising.  Our group’s needs were evolving, and we needed to address them.

 That brings us to where we are now.  In order to make changes in our lives, we first have to acknowledge that change is needed.  When we can do that with confidence, then there is absolutely nothing that can keep us from succeeding in what ever life changes we need to make.  And that, my friends, is what Change4Life is all about!  We are going to dig into, what I believe, are the 4 main pillars of Change, and the different aspects of life that will affect our ability to make those changes. The 4 pillars of change are: Nutrition, Fitness, Emotional balance and Lifestyle.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me and my family. My hope is, working together, we will bring a healthy change to more peoples lives, and inspire them, to do the same.



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  1. Don, You have encouraged me so much it the past. Briefly, I had a TIA at work a couple of years ago, I had to carry Nitro tablets with me; My blood pressure would go up, my Heart rate would go up and I was constantly having bad chest pains. My Dr. then told me I am obese and that did and didn’t surprise me. Anyhow, I have been wanting to lose weight and like you said, I don’t know how or what changes to make. I try to eat healthier but then I still keep candy in my desk drawer. I really want to get on board with you here and God willing, I can lose the weight I need to not just for myself but my Family also.

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    1. Thank you for sharing. I truly hope that your journey will be a successful one! I will do my best to help you and give you guidance. If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!


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