Get out of that slump..

Good morning everyone.  You may have noticed that it has been a while since I have posted on my page.  I have been going through this “emotional funk” thing lately and I am really not sure why.  My motivation to exercise is not the same as it was just a few weeks ago; I have been struggling with even wanting to eat healthy;  It has been hard for me to create exercise programs for my Saturday morning circuit challenge;  Studying for my Personal Trainer Certification, has been put off to binge watch T.V shows.  I feel like I am completely out of touch with what is really important to me and why I even started this Change4Life challenge.  One of the things I teach others when working with them on their own health journey, is to be prepared for this same type of event, because it will come.  No matter who we are, or where we are in our journey, there will come a day when we start to relapse into our old funky ways.  Yes, we need to be aware that the day will come, but to say that it will be easy to overcome, well, would just be a flat out lie.  It is not easy.  BUT, that doesn’t mean that we just give up either.  To give up would mean that we no longer care about anything we have been striving to accomplish.

I don’t know about you, but I do still have dreams of helping people.  Teaching them how to overcome these types of situations when they are faced with them.  Maybe me going through this right now, is a way for me to be able to do that.  I mean, how can I help others to overcome, if I have never experienced the same things.  Now granted, each of us will have different life events that move us in the direction of relapse, but what is important, is that we learn how to overcome them, so that we can continue our journey of living a healthy life.  And part of that journey includes being able to Inspire others to keep fighting and to not give up.  I am convinced, that part of my calling is to not only help others figure out the path they need to follow for their journey, but also to show them that they to are called to inspire change into the lives of those they touch.   If we all just focused on ourselves, and cared little about helping others, where would that leave us?  We have all learned things form others that have helped us grow and mature in life.  Think about where we would be if those people just stopped caring, and decided that no one else mattered?  Teaching and inspiring others to do what we have done, AND to even do more than we have done, is what will keep us alive!

Writing this Blog this morning, has reminded me of why I started doing this in the first place: To Inspire Change!  Slumps will happen.  Tough time are inevitable. But, they are also temporary.  Giving back to others through encouragement and inspiration, can have a lasting impact that could potentially, change their life forever.  So, don’t give up on your dreams or your journey to get there.  Remember that you have the ability to inspire someone else to overcome their obstacles, by sharing with them how you have overcome, and never gave up!


8 thoughts on “Get out of that slump..

  1. So true….we all have fallen or will fall into a ‘funk’ but you are right….we CANNOT give up!! I am right beside you with this funk….I have not helped us be more successful in our eating and exercising. I want to get to my goal and I want to see you get to yours!! Thanks for never giving up and all your encouragement!!

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  2. I do muscle strengthening exercise and some little yoga every morning before I leave for work and the whole of last week I experienced the same thing you are experiencing-low motivation.Reading this post has shown me that I am not the only one and thank you for that.

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  3. Thank you for your comment. It is a l=relief to know that it is not just me, but at the same time, I wish it were only me that went through this. The reality is, this is life. All we can do is work together to Inspire each other to keep fighting through these times.


  4. Stick with it Don – it’s so worth it! Take a breather (we all need it sometime and it’s healthy), but don’t lose sight of what you need to be healthy – it is the most important thing to your quality of life.


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