Happy Wednesday everyone!!  Well, I would like to thank fellow blogger “thewayonline” for becoming the 100th follower of  the Change4Life  Blog!  I am very grateful for ALL of those that follow me and I am grateful to be able to follow all of you as well.  This is a very new experience for me, but it has become one that I absolutely love to do.  Being able to share my thought, desires, passions and hopefully – inspiration, to the world, is an amazing thing to be a part of.  Although the opportunity to share my heart with you is extremely enjoyable, I must be honest;  there are times, especially lately, that I find myself without words.  I know in my heart that I want to be able to inspire change into this world, but some day’s it just seems too daunting of a task.  I am sure we all have experienced that at times, and I know that in order to inspire change, I have to be willing to persevere through these times of doubt, fear and insecurity.   So, persevere I will!

Perseverance:  “steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success”.

Hmm.. Let that soak in a minute.. if you have to read it over and over again, please do so.  I know I am.  There are a few things that stick out to me immediately as I read this.  One, is that it requires a “steadfast” attitude.  An attitude that suggests that there is no giving up.  I will keep going, no matter what.  Two, tells me that I will face difficulty or delay in achieving success.  There is no “maybe“, it is a fact.  Since we are all created differently, this will have different meanings to each of  us.  To me, it means that I need to be prepared mentally, because these times are coming, and they will not show mercy.  Difficulty means tough times.  It will require each of us to dig down deep into our inner selves, and muster up whatever energy or emotional strength we need to keep fighting through the pain or fear or doubts, that we may have.

Will this be easy to do?  For some, maybe. But for the majority of us, by no means will it be easy.  But then again, isn’t that just  .. life?  We ALL have ups and downs in life.  What matters, is how we persevere through those times, and come out on top.  Since success is the ultimate goal, we each have to figure out what that is.  Once we do that, we can then create a strategic plan that will get us there.  It will require time, patience, and commitment, but as it is often said: “if it was easy, everyone would be doing it”.  You are the only one that can decide which path will be taken: the path of least resistance; or the path that will lead you to becoming stronger and more committed, by challenging your self-worth, every step of the way.  My hope is that you will see the rewards in the latter of those two options, and travel the road that leads to success!!


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