What we eat, really DOES matter.


Good morning everyone. I hope that our week is going great so far.

Being on my own health change journey,and using my Change4Life workbook to document my daily progress, I have noticed some interesting facts about how my nutrition intake from the previous evening, plays a huge part of how much energy I have the next morning.  It also plays a role in how well I sleep that night.  I know we have touched on this before, but I have to say, the farther along I get in my own journey, the more the nutrition aspect of it really opens my eyes.   I have been really focusing on keeping my nutrition as healthy as possible, but I have noticed that when I have something going on in the evening, I tend to gravitate more towards “quick and easy” for my meal that evening.  I am sure we can all relate to that, especially those of you that have kids and activities and school and .. just flat-out busy lives.  Last night was one of those nights for me.  I had an event last night that put me in a position to find something quick and easy for dinner.  I chose a local “healthier” burger place.  I had a burger with cheddar cheese on a multi-grain bun and some sweet potato fries with an iced tea.  Sounds ok right?  For most people, it probably would be ok.  I have said many times that each of us need to know what works for our own bodies in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Well, for me, I am finding out that I just cannot eat any whole grains after noon time.  It takes to much energy for my body to process that type of food.  Again, this is true for ME, and may not be for you, so please make sure you are tracking your daily nutrition intake to determine what does work for you, and what does not work for you.  Another observation I have made form tracking my nutrition, is that foods that are fried with anything other than Olive oil or Grapeseed oil, do not work for me either.  Many restaurants will say they are using a “healthy oil” now-a-day’s, but we still have to be very cautious of what  that oil is.  The go-to oil for most restaurants is Canola Oil, largely due to the Mediterranean Diet, which uses this oil is it’s main ingredient.  Canola Oil is has many mixed reviews as to it’s health benefits, so PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH to determine of this is a product that you are comfortable using.  It does not work well in my body.  Salad dressings are another item to watch out for.  Eating a salad can be very healthy, as long as you are mindful of the dressing.  I suggest to have it on the side, and not premixed, and to stay away from the creamy dressings, as they can potentially have more bad fats and have a high sugar content.   Make sure you are aware of the ingredients so that you are not ambushing your healthy salad, with unhealthy dressing.

Eating out, is definitely more challenging than eating at home.  More and more restaurants and food establishments, are displaying  their nutrition facts either on their website or even on their menus.  Before you go out to eat, do your research.  If they don’t have them available on their website, then don’t hesitate to call them.  We need to be able to know what they are using in the cooking process, so that we can make the best choices possible for our health goals.   Making good nutrition choices will help us keep on track with our goals.   Don’t be afraid to try new things, just be mindful of your goals and the foods you are putting into your body to meat those goals.   Now, go eat something healthy and have fun doing it!


5 thoughts on “What we eat, really DOES matter.

  1. Thanks for a great post. I agree with everything you said. Especially, how what we eat affects each of us differently. I can’t eat anything heavy like a steak or anything salty after 5:00 pm, or I can’t sleep. If I rush, and don’t eat breakfast – disaster. Even Chinese food the night before, will make me tired and sluggish the next day.

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  2. What we eat really does make a difference and I believe as we age foods we used to eat we cannot handle. As a woman I am seeing how my hormonal change plays a huge part in how I need to eat… going through menopause causes a lot of changes so my diet has to be different. Thanks to my wonderful husband, Don… he did some research on nutrition and menopause so we have adjusted some things and it has helped. Bottom line, be aware of what your body is telling you!!


  3. So true. Great post! Do you find the healthier your lifestyle becomes, the more sensitive you are to the way food makes you feel? Maybe it’s just me, but now when I have junk or even like you said too many carbs I am down for the count 😵

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