Overcoming obstacles.

Overcoming obstacles in order to achieve success, can be a daunting task.  The thing I have noticed about obstacles, is that they don’t discriminate: at all.  They are there for every single one of us.  We all have different obstacles we need to overcome, but they are there nonetheless.  Now the question becomes, “What obstacles are you encountering, and what are you doing to overcome them”?  Only you can answer these questions, and only you know what you will need to do to overcome them.

I would like to tell you a story about a guy that has overcome obstacles in his life, and has accomplished something nobody thought he would even try to accomplish.  His name is Nick, and he is my son-in-law!  When Nick was a boy, he was diagnosed with dyslexia.  Now, that may not seem to be a big deal to most people, but to some, like Nick, it was a very big deal.  So many of us, when faced with adversity, will just cease to function and use that adversity as an excuse to not push through and overcome.  Not Nick.  He never let that keep him from being successful.  Instead, he used the skills that he does have, and mastered them.  Nick is incredibly gifted with his hands.  He is a master cabinet maker, and has an Associates degree in Woodworking; he is a very gifted bow hunter and fisherman; he is also a Paramedic and has the rank of a Lieutenant.  I don’t know anybody that serves and gives to other’s as much as he does.  Even with all that being said, there is more to this story.

Nick has never really been considered as an athlete.  As it turns out, Sports are also an obstacle for him.  His coordination skills just never really developed, so he just wasn’t interested in being an athlete.  But something made Nick look at where he was in life, and decide that changes needed to be made.   About 3 years ago, Nick found himself at the heaviest he had ever been.


Pictures seem to say it all don’t they!  Well, this changed Nicks perception on the need for exercise.  He gradually started changing his eating habits and started to be more involved with exercise.  But what really changed Nick, was the decision he made about 9 months ago.  Nick has always been one to accept any challenge put in front of him.  This time, the challenge was not from someone else, it was from his own desire to make change, a reality.  Now, remember, Nick was never an athlete in school and did not participate in athletic events, unless they were just for the fun of it.  So when Nick told me he was signing up for a 1/2 IRONMAN Triathalon, I was shocked, to the the least.  But one thing you need to know about Nick, is that once he makes a decision to do something, he puts everything he has into it happen.  So, Nick started his journey on training for the IRONMAN.  He was never much of a runner, and so he had to teach himself how to have proper form to prevent injuries.  He is a very good bicyclist, so that part was easy for him to train for.  The third component, swimming, he also had to learn technique so that, well, he didn’t drown .. lol.  But, he did it all with nothing but pure willpower!!  Then, on Aug 5, 2017, Nick finished his very first 1/2 IRONMAN Competition!!


Was he the fasted competitor out there?  No.  But that really is not the point now is it!  He overcame obstacles in his life that would lead him, to accomplishing something nobody ever thought he would even think about doing!  Not only that, but he proved to himself, and all the rest of us, that obstacles can be overcome.  Will it require hard work and dedication?  More than likely.  Will it be worth it?  ABSOLUTELY!!  Nick has been the inspiration behind the whole Change4Life program.  If it were not for his encouragement, I would never had gotten the nerve to even start this process.  He inspires me everyday with all that he has overcome and all that he is now accomplishing!  I am so very proud that he is not only my son-in-law, but that he never lets anything stop him from overcoming obstacles.


6 thoughts on “Overcoming obstacles.

  1. Overcoming obstacles is very much real for all of us!! I too am so proud of Nick and he has certainly taught me a thing or two about dedication!! We all can do things we think we can’t, if we put our minds and hearts in it!! Thanks for Sharing Don.

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