YOU .. Got this!

I had a very heart-felt conversation with my wife this morning, about how easily we both give in to our insecurities.  The topic came up because I am looking at getting a Personal Trainer Certification.  I was certified about 15 years ago, but I think back then it was more of a “novelty” than it was a passion for me.   Today, it is certainly my passion.  I have always battled with insecurity, it has diminished some over years, but I still get that voice in the back of my mind telling me I am too stupid to do anything like this, and I will just fail anyway.  I hate that voice.  I have listened to that voice so many times over the years, that I have missed out on many opportunities to be successful.  I know that there are many of you out there that have, or are, battling with this same fear of failure that I am.  Fear is real.  Unfortunately, it is only real because WE allow it to be.  Fear is a state of mind.  It is not a fact or an absolute, it is just a feeling.  A feeling we give into way too often.   A feeling that can make us freeze up and stop dreaming.  A feeling that can control every singe aspect of our lives; If we let it.

Recently I have started a circuit training course at a local park .  I started it because I want to give people that do not normally exercise, a place to go to get some exercise and see how much fun they can have while doing it.  My hope was to inspire change in their lives.  I did not do it for me, but I have gotten so much more out of it than I ever could have imagined.  It has helped me overcome my insecurities!  Every week I create a new circuit. And every week I am forced to get out of my head, and design a course that will not only challenge the course runners, but also make it fun.  I want it to be something that they will be excited to come back to every week.  And they are!  I have to admit, the morning of the very first event, I was so nervous.  I kept hearing that voice again.  That voice that creates fear and doubt and insecurity.  But once I had the course set up, and we were doing it;  The fear left!  It was amazing.  I was confident; I was committed; I was teaching and inspiring, and motivating. I was in a zone that is indescribable.  It was like I was outside myself and this other person just took over.  Maybe you have experienced that before as well at some time in your life.  It changed me.  It helped me to see that I can do this.  I can actually inspire change into others.  I had to be able to see that in myself, before I could believe that I could help others see it in themsleves.

I know how fear can grip our lives and keep us from believing in ourselves. I experienced this fear quite often.  But when we put that fear aside, and take the leap of faith, and just go for it, something happens.  Something that is locked up deep inside, comes out and takes over.  There is a quote from Walt Disney that say’s; “If you can dream it you can do it”.  I have never believed that this could apply to me.  I can encourage, and inspire and teach others to believe this in themselves, but I never believed it for me.  Since I have started the Circuit Training Challenge, my attitude is completely different.  I know that my passion for helping others to live a healthy lifestyle, will drive me to succeed.  It is not about ME.  It always has been, and always will be, about YOU!  Helping others believe in themselves, and inspiring change in them, is what I hope to accomplish in everything I do.  I have noticed, that when I make the greater good about someone other than me, things just seem to work.  I love that.

In closing today, I hope that we can all conquer our fears.  We can do anything we put our hearts and minds into.  DO NOT Listen to the negative voices that have choked out your dreams.  Listen to the voice that tells you how Amazing you are; the voice that tells you to live your life to the full.  That voice, knows that you can do this.  That voice knows that you are a strong, successful person and will conquer anything that gets in your way!  Listen to that voice, because you .. got this!


6 thoughts on “YOU .. Got this!

  1. Thank you, once again for an incredible message!! Fear, insecurities….those are words I do not like but they seem to control me thoughts way too often!! It is so true, if we let go and believe and work at it…we can accomplish far more than we think!! THANK YOU!!


  2. Excellent job pushing against those insecurities! I have to do the same thing myself. I’m always having to talk myself out of avoiding things due to shyness or insecurity. It’s a constant but worthy battle.

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