One small step.

Since starting the Change4Life Challenge Group and Circuit Training Challenge, I have had have several really good conversations with many members of that group.  I am excited to say, the more we do this, the more I am learning!  When it comes to exercise, I have a tendency to jump right in and go full throttle and at times I can expect the same attitude from those I am training with.  I have been humbly reminded that this is not the case for all people.  Each one of us have limits to what we can do and at what pace we can do it.  Taking small steps towards a goal is not necessarily a bad thing.  I would add a caution here though; if we are taking small steps just because we don’t want to challenge ourselves, then I would say it is my job to push you and get you moving at a pace that will actually benefit your progress.  One of the aspects of coaching that I embrace the most is,  being able to have a conversation with someone; get a feel for their goals and their challenges; create a plan together; and then do everything I can to inspire change into their lives!  When we have a plan in place that allows us to make the changes that we never thought were possible, it changes us!  So many of us just do not know where to start.  We see all the advertisements in the media and we hear about this person and that person making life changes, but have no idea how any of that would work for us.  Being able to sit down with someone and show them what it takes to make those types of life changes .. is truly PRICELESS!  

Taking the steps necessary to change our lives, means something totally different from one person to the next.  There is no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all, solution that everyone can use.  We need to be able to see a successful transition from living an unhealthy lifestyle, to living a healthy lifestyle, other wise we will just give up.  The only way we can do that, is by taking small steps that will affect changes ..  in US.  We cannot worry about what other people may or may not be doing.  This is about what we can do and what we are willing to do. I say willing, because we are typically all capable of doing much more than we think we can.  So when it comes to change, we have to be willing to challenge ourselves and get out of our comfort zones.  I promise you, that when you do challenge yourself, and not let your mind put limits on your physical ability, you will be able to experience success like never before!


Participating on a Circuit Training course like the one above, is one way to start taking those small steps to making change in your life.  I can tell you, every single person that ran this course, put everything  they could into it. We had participants ranging form 8 years old to over 50 years old.  We even have a runner that had suffered form Lime Disease for several years, and is now battling Chronic Fatigue.  But, she gave everything she had to take those small steps towards change!  What an amazing victory for her!!!

I encourage you:  Take the first step!  It may be challenging;  It may be scary;  But it will be worth every ounce of energy you put into it. Everyone of us, has so much more inside of us than we think.  Take a chance on living your life to the fullest.  It is the only one we get.


2 thoughts on “One small step.

  1. AMEN TO THAT!! This is the only life we get!! I think we really need to think about that statement. Think about how we really want to live our lives!! Thanks again honey!!


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