The terrible “too’s ..”

Although the title of this BLOG was inspired by my Two year old grandson, who seems to be getting himself into trouble because of his “terrible two’s” behavior,  this is not to be confused with our child-like behavior.  (Well, maybe a little bit .. lol).  So, what are the “terrible too’s..”?  The answer is quite simple; EXCUSES!  Everyone of us, at some time in our lives, has made excuses as to why we cannot do something.  It could be related to relationships, jobs, school, activities.  Whatever the situation may have been, we have all made the excuse I m too …. ” Busy.  Tired.  Broke.  Stressed.  Upset.  Lonely.  Old.  Young.  Wheeewwww.. that’s a lot of “too’s..”.

I also find myself using the “I’m too.. ” excuses; unfortunately, they have been way to often as of late.  My excuse lately has been “too tired to get up in the morning”.  The good thing is, I am not hurting anyone else when I make the excuse to not go exercise in the morning.  The bad thing is, it certainly is hurting me.  So then, why do I do it?  If I know that making excuses will keep me from reaching my goals, why do I do it?  That is the question I have to answer, as it is the question you have to answer as well.   I keep asking myself “why“?  I know how important it is to go exercise, and I know how good it makes me feel.  So… why don’t I do it?  The only answer I can come up with is, I stay up too late because I am not disciplined enough to go to bed on time.  Which is another thing I don’t get because I was disciplined enough earlier this year, so why not now.  I find that in the summer month’s, when the day’s are longer, I want to stay up later to take advantage of the daylight.  I don’t like going to bed when the sun is still up.  Can anyone else relate to that??  But, if I don’t get my booty in bed, then I miss out on my morning workout, and then I find myself scrambling throughout the day trying to figure out a time to get in some sort of workout.  It usually ends up being after work, but even that is not consistent.  It is very frustrating.  Here is how I see the bottom line on this issue.  Priorities.  Are my priorities to exercise in the morning to get my day off on the right foot, and be able to make reach my goals?  Or, are they to stay up late just so I can relax a little bit longer and not have to try and sleep while the sun is making it’s way over the horizon.  PRIORITIES!

There are way too many excuses for us to blame on not reaching our goals.  I want to challenge each of us, myself included, to truly evaluate our goals and make an honest assessment of our excuses.  I say “honest” assessment because I know all to well, that we can always find a way to justify them.   One thing that may help is, find an accountability partner.  When we can have someone we trust and respect, holding us accountable, it changes our perspective.  We can find ourselves not wanting to let them down.  The focus now becomes external instead of internal.  It is no longer about just us, it now becomes more of an integrity issue.   This may sound like it is more of a guilt trip than it is about being disciplined, but hey, whatever we need to do to get ourselves focused and on track, I say go for it!  Life happens.  I get it.  But excuses are just that;  EXCUSES.  No more terrible “too’s..”  Let’s all find that power inside of us to just do what we need to do, and make things happen.  Nothing can hold you back when you make the decision to put it all out there.  And believe me, when you do, the feeling of success will be overwhelming!!


4 thoughts on “The terrible “too’s ..”

  1. Great post!! This is so true, I definitely have a problem with the ‘terrible too’s’!! Usually too tired. I too know that I feel better when I exercise, it is just making that a priority in my life. I like to do little things here and there….while I am at work, doing some little exercises but I need more!! I just turned 52 and my son in law asked me what my goal was for the year….i want to be more athletic and to do that, well….I need to have more intense workouts!! We all can accomplish what we want, if we really choose to!! Now let’s go get fit!!


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