The family that trains together..

Good morning everyone, and Happy Thursday!  I am super excited about the very first Change4Life Circuit Training Challenge coming up on Saturday July 8th.  We did our first practice run with my wife, our niece, our daughter and son-in-law, and our 2 yr old grandson, Mikey.  He had as much fun as I did I think! (There is a video of him doing Mountain Climbers and push-ups on my FaceBook page. It is ADORABLE!)

I am not only excited about this Circuit Challenge, but I am also very humbled.  I have been dreaming about having this opportunity to reach out to my community and get more involved with fighting this disease of unhealthy living that is plaguing our society.  I know that I cannot reach everyone, and that I may not be able to impact  those that I do reach.  BUT, even if I can impact only one person, my efforts will have been a success.  Even as I think about this practice event with my family, I get emotional.  My daughter first started exercising in High School, when I was a Personal Trainer at a local fitness club, and has been exercising ever since.  She is so dedicated to being a fit wife and mom, and she continually sets an example to her son as he watches her exercise at home, and even likes to join in with her!  My son-in-law reminded me that day, that exercise is for everyone.  It does not matter how old or young you are; how in shape or out of shape you are; everyone, at any stage of life, can start on a health journey.  To see three generations of people, out there together, exercising and having fun, brings more joy to me than words can ever express!

Our health; our families health; and the health of our communities, is something I am committed to changing.  I encourage you all, to find a way to make a difference in your own health, that will allow you to be an example of health to those around you.  Imagine how many lives could be changed, if each of us were to commit to being the example of change for others!  What an amazing world this would be!


2 thoughts on “The family that trains together..

  1. Well said!! Exercising as a family is fun and important!! I love my family and I love that we all want to be healthy and help each other, friends and our community!! You are doing a great job inspiring us!! Thank you!!


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