Week 8. Target date complete.

Good morning and Happy Monday everyone!  As week 8 came to a close, I reached my first Target Goal Date.  This first goal was designed to only be 8 weeks long.  I did this intentionally because I wanted to be able to keep my focus.  I have a tendency to get lazy and distracted and so by keeping my goal date short, it allowed me to keep my mind focused on the daily activities needed to reach that goal.  So many people that are starting a health program, either don’t make a goal at all, OR they tend to make them unrealistic and unattainable.  My hope is that by keeping the goal short I will be able to be an example to those of you that want to learn how to create goals that will be easier to maintain.  Keeping the short-term goal duration to no more than three months at a time, is definitely something we can all wrap our minds around.  It is good to have a long term goal written down, but in order to reach that goal, setting short-term goals, will help keep that long-term goal, attainable!

My first goal was to get down to 170 pounds, and get under 20% body fat.  This would have been a 20 pound loss and a 2% body fat deficit.  Well, I got down to 173 pounds and reached 19.8% body fat.  So, with not reaching my target weight, I have some decision to make.  I can either get frustrated and bitter and decide to just give up and label it as a failure; OR, I can Rejoice in the fact that I LOST 17 Pounds in 8 weeks.  HHmmmmm… I choose.. REJOICING!!!!  I lost 17 pounds in 8 weeks!!   That is just over 2 pounds per week, and knowing the nutrition challenges I had to overcome, I am ECSTATIC!  Plus, I did reach my body fat goal of getting under 20%.  My next goal date is Oct 10th.  This goal date means a lot to me.  On October 10th of 2016, I attended a friends wedding.  The two that were married, are very dear to me and they are also very fit, and health is a very important part of their lives.  That day, I was at the heaviest I have ever been.  I was 190 pounds; I was miserable; I was embarrassed; I felt like a hypocrite because I am always talking up heath and fitness to pretty much everyone I am around, including this couple, and here I am at my worst.


Unfortunately, it still took me 6 more months to get to a point where I was mentally able to take action.  As you  already know from THE 4 PILLARS OF HEALTH, that Emotional Balance is a very big part of our ability to live a healthy lifestyle.  It took me a while to get there emotionally, but once I did, I have been able to keep focused on my health goals.

Everyone one of us has to make the decision to get healthy.  No one can force you to do it, and no one can do it for you.  I only hope that, it is a decision you will make soon, if you have not already done so.  Our  lives truly are precious.  The bodies we have now, are the only ones we will have in this lifetime.  Caring for them, is an absolute must!.  Obesity in this nation is completely our of control.  Our health as a nation, is it at an all time low.  We are literally killing ourselves with processed foods and fats and sugar and .. man, if I could shut down every food and beverage plant that produces and distributes these nasty things to the public, and advertises them as deliciously wholesome foods for our families, I WOULD!  It frustrates me to no end, that my friends and family and all of you, are being sucked into this abyss of health problems and diseases, just so the food industry can remain a billion dollar market.  UUGGHHHH…  Ok, rant over .. for now.  We are the only ones that can change the way think about health and fitness.  We have to make the decision to control what we are eating and to make sure we are getting the exercise we need in order to live an active healthy lifestyle.  WE CAN DO THIS!  We HAVE to do this.  As we make health changes in our lives, then we will be able to inspire and encourage others to do the same.  The only way we can affect change in others, is by making the changes ourselves.  I am committed to do the best I can to turn-the-tide and end this cycle of obesity and disease.  Let’s work together and get this nation strong and healthy so our children and our children’s children, have something to look forward to!



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