The workout bluueesss..

Have you ever felt like your workouts are just not “working” any more?  Like you are putting in the effort physically, but mentally you are bored, uninterested and even a little unmotivated?  Yes?  Well, that’s where I am at in my workouts right now.  I have been doing my workouts at home with my dumbbells and fit ball, but they are the same ole thing over and over again.  Because my workouts are not changing, I am not changing.  Our exercise routine is just like any thing else in our lives; if we get bored with it, we will stop being interested in it.  This is a reality, not only in the “exercise” world, but think about how this applies to the “relationship” world.  Don’t we like a little “spice” in our relationships?!  The good news here is, we have the opportunity to make change happen.


There are so many different reasons as to why we exercise.  Some want big muscles; some may want to just be healthy; others may want to be more athletic.  Whatever your reason is, in order to make it work for you, it should always be FUN!    Way to many people look at exercise as a burden, or a box they have to check off for that day.  Exercise should not just be something you feel you have to do.  It should be something you love to do!  Now, I am not naive to the fact that there will be days where exercising is the last thing you want to do.  Trust me, I have been there before and will probably be there again.  As I am sure you will be to.  My reason for this topic today, is to get us thinking about how to keep days like that, few and far between.  What can we do, to keep our workouts fun and motivating??

Even if we are self-proclaimed “gym-rats“, there are several ways to get motivated and keep your mental energy flowing.  How about getting outside and using nature as a way to exercise.   Or, maybe even trying group fitness classes.  How about doing outside group classes..??!! What a concept!  Being outside adds such a new and fresh perspective to things.  Don’t you think?!  Mountain biking, trail running, obstacle courses, playing different sports like sand volleyball.  Man, there are so many options out there, and honestly, I bet you would not even have to try very hard to find them.  Now, obviously, we all have our own way of being motivated, so these may or may not work for you, but the whole idea here is to get creative in order to not allow ourselves to get bored.  If keeping the workouts in the gym is what keeps us focused and inspired, then there are several ways to keep the workouts fresh and alive for us.  How about trying some of these simple ideas:

Changing your rest day;  Changing the time of day you workout; moving muscle groups to different days; Combine different muscle groups that you normally would not combine together;  Using different angels for more resistance;  try unbalanced moves to focus more on the core muscles; change the number of reps on each movement; reverse the order in which you do the exercises.  These are literally just a few of the ways to keep your workouts fresh, and keep muscles form getting bored.

Being physically fit depends a lot on how fit we are emotionally.  If we are bored and unmotivated to exercise, then our bodies will feel that negative energy and our workouts will suffer.  We can keep the positive energy flowing by changing our routine and experimenting with new things!  Being fit should be fun. Don’t give up on your dreams.  Be strong; be positive; and have FUN!!


One thought on “The workout bluueesss..

  1. Agreed. Even outside of motivation if you’re doing the same workout constantly progress will be very limited. Your muscles get used to certain commands and you will miss out on so much development. Changing the amount of weight and reps, changing up your entire routine, both extremely important. Check out my blog when you have a second to get some more ideas!


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