Exercise while at work!!

Many of us out there work in an office; sitting in a chair, in front of a computer; and rarely are able to get up and move around, (unless we have to use the restroom).  This, unfortunately, is a very common scene for way too many of us.  I have been working in the corporate office environment for more years than I care to count.   Not that there is anything wrong with working in an office, there is a need for white collar workers, just as there is a need for blue collar workers.  The issue for us office workers is, we tend to not move around enough during the day to keep our bodies active.   This then slows down our metabolism, and we tend to start gaining weight because, well, we are not moving and the vending machine keeps calling our name.  So, since there are so many of us that work in this environment, I though it would help if we talked about how we can get our bodies moving.  Even while sitting at our desks!

One of the easiest fixes for getting your body moving, is changing what you are sitting on.  I personally use a fit ball to sit on everyday.  I have used this for many years now, and it allows my body to focus on the core (abdominal) muscles that are used to stabilize my body.  When you put yourself in an unbalanced position, you are forcing your body to use the core muscles to keep you form falling over.  The fit ball is a perfect way of activating those muscles all day long.   The advantage to forcing your body to use those stabilizer muscles is, they keep your metabolism active, allowing your body to keep burning calories throughout the day, which in turn will help keep the excess weight in check.  Now, the disclaimer here is, you still have to maintain a good nutrition plan.  Eating processed, unhealthy foods, will still put the unwanted pounds on you, even if you stay active.

The below picture is what this would look like for you.


That takes care of the core muscles, but what bout the rest of the body?  Great question!   You can literally do a full body workout, just using your desk and your chair.  The only thing that will hinder you, is your “comfort zone“.  NOT THE DREADED COMFORT ZONE AGAIN..??!!  Yes, I’m afraid so.. You see, we can do everything from squats, to push-ups, right there at the desk.  But, will you do them, is the only question  you have to answer.

So, instead of trying to explain every single exercise available to you, I am going to post the image of each of them, so you can visualize what they look like.  Here we go!

To continue our ab workout, we can do another form of crunch, which targets the lower abs, and the twist crunch that targets the obliques, or outer abs.

For legs, we can do leg extensions, which target the quadriceps (the 4 large muscles right above your knee).  Make sure you squeeze those muscles all the way up to a full extension.  There is the chair squat that targets your quadriceps and glutes (booty muscles). For the chair squat, do not sit all the way down, keep some tension on your legs  and glutes(if you have to sit all the way down, build up to a point where you do not have to!).

The arm exercises, may be a little more challenging, but are doable none-the-less.  Tricep dips are a very good exercise and can be done in a few different ways.  For the bicep, this particular move is more of an isometric move where you are basically just squeezing the muscle, and not really extending or moving it.


Push-ups against the desk are a fantastic way to utilize the chest, back and even shoulder muscles.  This move works pretty much the whole upper body.  you can extend your legs back even further to challenge yourself even more.

So, as you can see, there are several ways for those of us who work in an office, to still be able to exercise our muscles.  There are different variations to these exercises that you can research, but this will give you a good start towards your work exercise program.  Always remember, no matter how much you exercise, you still have to eat healthy in order for your body to become healthy and efficient for your active lifestyle!  Good luck, and get to work!!


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