What is your “WHY”?

I was sitting with some friends of mine last night and we were discussing the Change4Life challenge.  Like many of us, they have tried different “diet” programs and have experienced some successful plans and some failed plans.  But, because they have yet to make health and fitness a “lifestyle”, they are in a situation where they are experiencing health issues and inconsistency in their eating and exercise.  This story is no different from any other story out there.   We all have gone through different phases in our lives where we set a plan in motion and sometimes it works, and other times it doesn’t.  It’s not always easy trying to find the right balance of eating and exercising, with our daily lives.  There may be kids and their activities; work is always a factor; and then there is the dreaded “comfort zone”.  Ahh yes, the comfort zone.  It can be a killer for sure.

So , the question that needs to be asked of ourselves, is “WHY”?!  Why are we even wanting to do this?  If all these things are going to get in our way and force us to change habits and schedules and even stop eating certain foods, then .. why even bother?  Honestly, that is the million dollar question.  Each one of us has to decide why making these changes in our lives, is important.  No one else can answer that question for you.  It is completely up to you.  Some want to just be more fit.  For others, it may be to become more athletic.  Some just want to have more energy.  What ever it is for you, you have to own it and make it your purpose.  Now, I will say one thing about this:  If one of your reasons does NOT include living a healthier life for yourself or your family, then I would wonder why? Our health dictates so much of how we live our lives, that if we are not taking it into consideration, then I am afraid we are missing the point here.   Why bother eating healthy or exercising, if it is not to be able to live a long, healthy, active life?  I don’t have small children in my house anymore, but I do have a wife, a daughter, and two amazing little grandson’s!  One is a two year old that NEVER stops, and the other is only a few months old.  The thought of not being around to watch them grow up and play with them run around with them .. makes my heart hurt.  I am going to do what ever it takes, to make sure I am there for them in every way possible.   Our health matters!  We cannot over look the fact that, every aspect of our lives, is impacted by how healthy we are.  Being healthy, has to be more than just a phase.  It has to be a LIFESTYLE!

Please, do not take your health for granted.  There are no guarantee’s that tomorrow will come.  Make the most out of every opportunity we are given.  Life is meant to be lived to it’s fullest capacity.  We are destined to do incredible things in our lives.  Don’t let your health be the one thing that keeps you from being successful in your life!


One thought on “What is your “WHY”?

  1. Great blog honey!! So so true, what is our ‘Why’…..we really have to think about that and ask the hard question, is my life and my family worth it!! Worth the changes!! Keep posting from your heart…..awesome job!!


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