Week 6. Success.

Good morning everyone!

As week 6 came to an end, I found myself even more excited than usual.  We just had a fantastic Father’s Day Picnic at Church, and I gained a lot of momentum on my nest adventure: setting up an exercise obstacle course!  The course will have 10 different stations, alternating power moves, with speed and agility moves as well.  My journey in life is to not only live a healthy life for myself, but also to make sure I am giving others the opportunity to live the healthy lifestyle they too want, and deserve to live.  I cannot wait to see see how this next step will affect the lives of those really seeking to be healthy!

Week 6 was a complete success.  I set a 2 month goal for myself to get down to 170 lbs.  I started at 190 (the heaviest I have EVER weighed) and I have two weeks to go to reach that goal. I am now down 16 lbs and have 4 more to go in the next two weeks, and I will have reached that goal.  I will then start a new goal that will take to through Oct 10th.  This is a very important goal for me because it represents a time in my life where I was very depressed about my health and where I was going in life.  On Oct 10th of 2016, I went to a friends wedding and I was way overweight and embarrassed to even be seen by my friends and family.  I did everything I could to stay positive and encouraging to those around me, but inside I was miserable.  Even after that event, feeling the way I did about myself, I kept living an unhealthy lifestyle and did nothing to get back to being healthy and happy.  It wasn’t until this spring,  May 6th to be exact, that I made the decision to change the way I was living and make the drastic changes that would turn my health around.  I was at a point where it hurt to even bend over to tie my shoes.  I couldn’t even play with my grandson without getting tired and frustrated.  I had to do something and I was determined to make it work.  Well, fast forward 8 weeks, and I am excited once again about my life and the life I know I can help others live!

I cannot even tell you in words, how excited I am to start seeing others excel on their health journey.  If you live anywhere near Fort Collins, Colorado and want to join us in our Change4Life Challenge group and obstacle course, please reach out to me and we will make it happen!  Until next time!



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