Week 5. Done.

Happy Monday morning everybody out there in Cyberland!!  Week 5 was good to me.  I finally made the decision that I was going to exercise, no matter what.  Earlier this week, I came across a motivational statement that simply said; “You don’t find WILLPOWER you create it.”  This statement, for some reason, really opened my eyes to something I have been struggling with.  I have shared before that I can become very complacent with myself.  I tend to get lazy and lack self-motivation.  I have struggled with this pretty much all my life and I am pretty darn certain that this “issue” I have, has kept me from experiencing success in many different areas of life.  So, I wrote this statement down on a piece of paper and have it right in front of me all day long!  Using this “new” motivational tool, I was able to exercise every weekday last week.  Saturday and Sunday were fun days playing with my grandson, and being that he never stops, I guess you could say I exercised those days also.. lol  Even though my body composition numbers did not change (my weight and body fat numbers), I know that I am making progress.  I have to be very careful of the foods I am eating to make sure they are not adding unwanted sugars to my diet.  This, by far, is the biggest challenge I face everyday, but it is also the thing that is helping my body to heal, and giving me more energy and a clear mind.

Enough about me!  How are you dong today?!  Did you have a good week, or one that you wish you could do again?  I want to encourage you to ask yourself this question as often as possible: “Am I creating my success story”?  I have found, that if I continue to self evaluate my actions, then I can get a more accurate version of where I am in my life journey.  The key to self-evaluation is ,you MUST be honest with yourself.  If you don’t think you can, then ask someone that has been with you on this journey, and get their opinion.  In order for us to be successful, we have to be taking the steps necessary t o keep moving forward.  It is ok if we stumble or fall.  Just do not give up.  We are the only ones that can make our journey a success.  We have to be the ones that “create our own willpower“.  I will be here for you; you may have a support group that is here for you.  But, without OUR personal commitment and determination to be successful, it just won’t happen.

I am very excited to hear your success story!  Please feel free to share with us what you are doing to overcome the challenges, and what victories you are experiencing!  Until next time… Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Week 5. Done.

  1. Good blog Don!! I have to say, I am very proud of you and your commitment to this change!! Now as for me….I struggle with sweets, wanting my chocolate, ice cream…I have been eating less than I had been a few weeks ago…but I still am eating too much. Now I have to be honest, I will. It give it up completely, at least not right now. But I do need to limit the intake a lot more!! What is crazy is I k ow sugar makes my joints hurt, makes me feel, well, not as good as I could…but yet I still want it!! Crazy huh?? Exercising helps me feel better but I have. Or been doing that as I should…I chase after my grandson, which is exercise but that is not enough at all. I need to be challenged, weightlifting and cardio. I have a vision of what I want to look like but I don’t work atbgetting there!! As I have gotten older it has been More challenging to lose weight and stay motivated!! Ugh….this stinks!! I have gained 30lbs…yuck…30 lbs!! I get insecure , angry and even depressed at times but again, I am not doing whatever it takes to change it!! I know – crazy!! Well…I wanted to share my struggles in hopes that others can relate. Thanks Don for your support and for your great information you post!!


    1. Thank you for sharing, and your encouragement. Making the decision to change is the hardest think to do when it comes to health. We want to be healthy, but want the sweets or whatever it is that we crave. We have to find a balance. The ability to get healthy, yet not feel like we are losing our lives. And at the same time there has to be some willingness on our part to make a few sacrifices, even for a short period of time, in order to get our minds and bodies connected. I am pulling for you Kelly, and I am here to help however I can.


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