Week 4. DONE!

Week four has definitely been my best yet!  I had more energy than I have had in a long time and I feel great!  Although I am getting a little tired of veggies and salad’s, I am seeing  the results they are having on my body and on my health.  To date, going without sugar ( I have cheated slightly a few times with grains and fruit) I have lost 11 lbs and 1.7% body fat.  Thanks to my buddy B., I was able to get in a 45 minute trail ride on my Mountain Bike.  Thanks B.!!  This morning, I was also able to get in a 30 minute shoulder workout with dumbbells.!!  I finally feel like my body is ready to start creating lean muscle again.  And that, EXCITES ME to no end!

With week 5 starting today, I am excited to not only share my results with all of you, but I am finally feeling confident enough to really dig into what I want to do with all the experience I have gained over the years.  I have a deep passion for helping those that have weight issues (either gaining or losing) due to the negative things that have happened in their lives.  I am a firm believer that our past does have a direct impact on our present state of mind and will also impact us in the future, if those demons are not dealt with.  Unfortunately, some of those demons are still hanging out with us today, and are a constant reminder of what life is dealing us.  But, that is another subject for another BLOG.  In order to help them, my goal is to start an program that will allow them to have one-on-one attention with exercise and nutrition guidance and then also be able to dig into the emotional aspect of their lives.

I am super excited to see how this week continues to play out for me and would love to hear how your week is going!  What your goals are for the week and what I can do to help!  Have a great week!


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