Use your failures as motivation!

What is it about health and fitness that scares us?  Is it not knowing what to do or what to eat?  Is it that, the cost of eating healthy can be considered too expensive?  What about Organic?  What foods are truly organic and which ones should we eat?  What if I am uncomfortable in a gym?  How can I exercise and not have to go reveal myself and all my insecurities to the whole world?  All of these questions are valid.  Any time we make changes in our lives, there will be questions and doubts and some sort of insecurity.  My hope is that we will not allow them to interfere with progress and accomplishment.  We as humans, want things to be easy.  I know for a fact, I sure do.  Unfortunately, that is one of my downfalls.  I have kept myself from being successful in many areas of life, just because I was afraid (for some stupid reason) to put myself out there and allow change to happen.  I will be the first to confess, change is not always easy, but it is absolutely necessary for success.

So, what do we need to do in order to allow change to happen in our lives?  That is a great question!  The only one able to answer it though, is YOU!  What is it in your character, that is not letting you change?  Have you been hurt or rejected in the past?  Have you failed at something and decided that you would not try again ..  ever.  Change has to be a personal decision.  I can sit here and tell you that it will be ok.  That you will get through the failures and will eventually see success.  I can even say that with confidence!  But YOU have to believe it.  YOU are the only one that matters in this world of change.  What I will say is,  don’t limit yourself based on past experiences.  The past is just that; the past.  I encourage you to accept those failures; learn form them; and use them to motivate you to see the future and all the successes that lie in store for you!

Life will pass us by if we just sit on the sidelines and let everyone else make things happen.. We were created to be thinkers and doers.  The desire to succeed runs through our veins.  Unfortunately, we have taught ourselves how to stop it.  Usually through fear of failure.  Contrary to what the world teaches us, it is ok to fail.  Our failures, when used as a benefit rather than a liability, will actually propel us to success.  We are all capable of fulfilling our dreams.  We have to stop letting our past dictate our future.  Wen we allow our minds to to be open to change, and see that what we have gone through in the past, happened in order for us to keep going forward , then we will be able to clearly see the future and our potential for success.


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