Week 3. Completed.

With week 3 being completed, I have to say, this was by far my best week!  Besides the fact I became subject to a sinus infection that decided to reside itself in my tooth that was recently filled.  Even though I could hardly eat or drink I was still able to get my nutrition in on those days I had the infection.  The infection is almost gone, and I am feeling great!  In the last 3 weeks, I have lost 10 lbs, and 1.5% body fat.  Now, the good thing is, I did lose 10 lbs and lost a few inches around my body, the bad thing is, I also lost a lot of lean muscle.  With the reduction in sugars, which as we know is what our bodies use as it’s main energy source, I knowingly sacrificed lean muscle to be used as that energy source.   I am not too concerned about the muscle loss, because I will be able to build that back up again with a good exercise program.   What I am most excited about, and the main reason I even went this route is, I am learning how NOT to rely on all those sugar filled foods!  I have learned the importance of fresh vegetables and how to use them throughout the day for energy.  I have started to slowly reintroduce oatmeal back into my diet, and it has been a really good transition.  I have not felt the after-effects of a sugar overload, and have gained the positive effects from the breakdown into sugar for energy.  I will wait to see how everything goes this week, before I think about reintroducing small amounts of fruit back into my diet as well.

I am super excited to see how week 4 plays out.  Thank you all for your support and encouraging words!


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