Emotional health.

Good morning and Happy Wednesday everyone!  It is a beautiful morning in Fort Collins, Co.  The sky is blue, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping!  What a beautiful start to the day.  So, why do I fell like not doing a darn thing today?  My energy level is low, my sinus’s are killing me, and I am sitting on my rear-end looking at a computer screen for the next eight hours.  Everyday we are faced with making decisions that will affect our day and our lives.  Today, I am faced with the decision to either be a Debbie-downer all day, OR look at the incredibly amazing day that is out there waiting for me!  Even though I am stuck inside, I have a great view from my home office window.  I can see the beautiful blue skies, I have the sun shining in through my window, and I can hear the hustle-and-bustle of the people in my neighborhood.  It really is, a beautiful day!

I still get amazed at how much our emotions affect our lives.  Just writing this BLOG, has already changed my mood for the day.  I feel much more energized and excited to see how this day will play out!  I think that when we put ourselves aside, and do what we can to lift others up and encourage them to be their best, we trigger something inside of us that just oozes energy and goodness.    We all have the natural desires to do good; to help others find a little relief and joy and comfort in their lives.  Now, we all don’t put that into practice, but for those that do, I am willing to bet, they have a very gratifying life themselves.

You may be asking why someone that writes a health and fitness BLOG, is yammering on about emotions and feelings?  Well, good question.  I am convinced that our emotions play a very LARGE part in our state of health.  Just by me feeling blah and unmotivated this morning, kept me form wanting to exercise.  It also has an impact on what I eat throughout the day.  Our emotions influence the decisions we make.  If I continue to let my emotions be of  doom and gloom, then I will not be able to get out of the funk I am in.  Let alone, be able to encourage or inspire others.   People see us for who we are.  We can try to “trick” them into thinking all is well, but through our words and actions, people see the reality of our lives.  Especially those that are close to us.  Our bodies tell us what we need in order to thrive.  The problem is, our emotions keep us from receiving that message.  We tend to focus on the feeling or emotion, rather than focusing on what is important to our health and our lives.  Being healthy is not just about what we eat and how active we are.  Is all about who we are as a whole.  Our mental state-of-mind is so much more important than we give it credit for.  I know for me personally, I can easily let my emotions keep me from being the person that I know I am.  The person that absolutely loves to help, encourage and inspire others.  If we all were to take a close self-examination of ourselves, a realistic self-examination, I am certain that we would be able to take a more informed approach to our health.  When we can come to grips with what is really going on inside of our minds, we will then be able to make the changes needed to live an emotionally healthy life.

I know that there are some out there that are going through some health and medical illnesses.  I am not trying to minimize your struggles at all.  My only goal is, to hopefully offer some encouragement to you.  There is always hope that each of us can, in some way, get through the tough times in our lives, and start to feel the freedom that a healthy life truly gives us.


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