Prepare for the weekend.

Happy Friday everyone!  If you are anything like me, you love the weekends!  Spending quality time with friends and family; getting out doors as much as possible to enjoy the beauty we are surrounded by; grocery  Whatever it is you do on the weekends, that time is very precious and at times, protected from outside interference’s.  My time is usually spent with my wife, daughter and  grandson’s!!  And, since my wife and I both work, we end up having to do our grocery shopping as well, but we love doing that together anyway.  We try to get at least one good workout in on Saturday morning, and if time and weather permit, a nice long bike ride is in order!  Weekends are definitely my favorite part of the week.  Now, the downside to my weekends:  FOOD.  We are usually so busy running from here to there (and by running, I mean driving), that we tend to eat on-the-go, and are rarely prepared to take snacks with us, and so we end up eating whatever, wherever, whenever.  Oh, and Water consumption seems to decrease as well.  So, as you can see, I have a lot of work to do on my weekend preparations.

The first thing for preparation, is water.  Water is absolutely essential to our health, so what I have done in past, I would carry bottles of water in a cooler in the back of my car.  That way I always have water available to drink.  Very important, especially on those hot summer days.  You can also carry raw veggies, fruit, protein bars or raw nuts to have as snacks.  If you are going to be out most of the day, make sure you are planning your meals as well.  Whether having them with you to eat on the road, or knowing where you are going to eat out.  If your eating out, do everything you can to avoid fast-food joints.  Fast food places specialize in just that; fast food.  They are not concerned about having fresh foods that have a high nutritional value.  They are inexpensive and fast for a reason.

I am not naive to the fact that this is not always possible to do.  Trust me, I get it.  I am not very good at planning ahead, but this is an area I am working on.  There will be times when you are planning on only being out for a few hours, and they turn into several hours.  In other words, life happens.  All you can do is, work on being prepared in case those situations happen.  The more you put these things into practice, the more they become second nature to you.  Don’t beat yourself up if things don’t workout perfectly each time.  The important thing is, that we keep working on the things that will help us be successful!


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