Week One. Lesson Two.

When I embarked on this journey of eliminating sugar, I was pretty darn confident that I had a plan all set up to make this a success.  I researched the foods I would need to avoid and the foods I would need to consume.  I thought out what I would eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and even thought out some snacks.  I made my grocery list and away I went.  Mentally, I was all over it!  I had been preparing to do this for quite some time.  Then, Monday came around.  As I started to prepare my breakfast, the harsh reality of the lack of preparation hit me like a ton of bricks.  What I had thought out in my head, didn’t seem to match what was on my plate.  I had pictured this beautiful plate of eggs filled with fresh vegetables, made into a nice scramble.  I would have my protein and healthy fats from the eggs, and my carbohydrates form veggies.  Oh yah.. I was ready.  But when I looked at what I actually had on hand, it was not even close to what I had imagined.  I was reduced to having some eggs with only Kale to blend into it, and top it off with some raw cheese.  To say that I was disappointed at what I was seeing on my plate, would be a serious understatement.  Unfortunately, my day did not get any better.  I found myself constantly trying to figure out what I was going to eat.  My snacks were minimal and my lunch was small and bland.  All the prep work I thought I did, turned out to be nothing less than a failure.   All week long, I longed for something that would actually fill me up.  Something that would give me energy and satisfy my hunger pangs.  By the end of the week, I was ready to give up.

But, the good news is, I did not give up.  I reevaluated my meals and went shopping .. again, and came up with more options for snacks and meals.  Once again, I felt confident in my plan.  With that being said, in the back of my mind, I was still nervous about not having enough energy again this week.  That lead to me trying to justify (in my mind anyway) that it would be ok to start putting fruit back into my plan.  I mean, after all, it is just fruit, and fruit is really good for you, so what would hurt?  So, Monday morning rolls around again and I added some berries and a banana into my morning protein shake.  Well, what a mistake that was.  I had a sugar rush like never before.  I had the jitters; my head was swirling and I could hardly focus or concentrate.  I felt sick to my stomach.  Time to reevaluate that decision.  So, I thought I could cut out the berries and just do the banana.  Still not a good decision.  Even just the banana gave me a slight jitters and nausea.  Now, the original plan was to cut out all sugars for a minimum of three weeks in order allow my body to be completely flushed and healed.  Then, I would be able to gradually add small amounts of “sugar” back into my food plan, starting with berries.  I think I learned my lesson of trying to cut the plan short and do things on my terms.  Back to the original plan I go!

The lesson I learned was this: I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was.  Because of that, I started to make compromises.  I thought I would be able to take control and make it all work out, but all I did was make it worse.  At some point in time, I would be willing to bet that each one of us, had started to make plans on eating healthier or exercising more often, and we abandoned those plans because, well, it just wasn’t going the way we thought it should.  We started eating “organic” but it didn’t taste right; or the exercising just made our bodies ache and we didn’t like being in pain; or we don’t like eating veggies that often; or … What ever the reason, we made the decision to stop.  I say, “no more stopping“.  Our health is way to important to just keep giving up.  I learned that my preparation needed work and that I had to stick to the plan as I laid it out.  So, I did more research on the foods I can eat and I added them to my daily meal planning guide.  I have to say, by doing that, I am feeling so much better this week.  I am eating more often and it is giving me the energy I need to make it through the day.  Yes, it is a lot harder than I expected it would be.  However, I know that by sticking to the plan, and letting it work the way it is supposed to, I will end up making the changes I was hoping to make.

The moral of the story?  Don’t give up.  Stick to the plan.  Remember why this is important to you.  Even if it doesn’t go exactly as planned, you will still be successful; all because you made the decision to start!


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