One chance.

Happy Friday everyone!  I have been struggling for quite some time with the nutrition part of living a healthy life.  So, to keep in step with the title of this site: Change4Life,  I have decided I need to make some drastic changes in how I am eating.  Starting Monday, I will be cutting out ALL SUGAR products completely.  When we think of sugar products, we typically just think of foods like candy, chocolate, soda, processed foods.  But remember, carbohydrates break down into sugar because they are our bodies main source of energy.  So, this list will consist of all grain products which include: whole grains, breads, cereals, and pastas.  No ice cream or chocolates or any thing that consists of sugar.  Now, this is a very drastic step and it is NOT for everyone.  Before you make any nutrition changes, always consult your physician.  I have personally done some extensive research on this and have also gone through specific training with Medical Experts.  So, I feel I am ready to take on this challenge.

You may wonder why such a drastic change?  Well, here’s the thing; my body is having a hard time burning fat.  When we ingest foods that are either high in sugar or are processed, our bodies end up storing those foods as excess fat.  As we all know, having that excess fat not only adds weight and inches to our bodies, but it can cause serious health issues like heart disease, diabetes and even organ failure. So, losing that excess body fat is crucial to our health.  Even though I very rarely eat processed foods, I do love my ice cream and pizza.  I have also been diagnosed as having some environmental and heavy metal toxins in my body.  By making these changes, I will be giving my body a chance to heal itself and also eliminate some of these toxins.  This will not be an easy process, but I know that in the long run, it will be beneficial to my overall health.

All of us have to make decisions about our health.  We can decide to not take any action and just let our health “go as it may“, or we can decide to take action; even of that action is drastic and out side our comfort zone.  My hope is that we will all decide to take action that will lead to living a healthy life.  We only get one chance at this life thing, so lets work together and make it a great one!


2 thoughts on “One chance.

  1. I did the same thing you want to start on Monday. If I can give an advise don’t take everything from you all at once… go gradually baby steps or you will suffer too much… keep us updated and good luck 🍀


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