GO! Enjoy life.

I finally got my Mountain Bike out this weekend!  It has been over a year since I have had it out, (probably closer to two years) and I have to say, it felt great!  Now, since it has been so long, I have to confess, I was struggling.  After just the first 8 minutes, I felt like I wanted to turn around and go home..lol  But, I kept at it, and around the 20 minute mark, I got my second wind and the rest of the ride was fantastic.  It was a beautiful, sunny day with white-capped mountain views that were absolutely breathtaking.  One of the things I loved about that ride, was that I saw so many families out enjoying the weather together.  Kids playing, running around, riding their bikes.  It just warms my heart to see families spending time together like that.  Exercise isn’t always about being in the gym pumping iron or running the treadmill.  To me, it should be about having fun, doing the things you love to do.  I am blessed to be able to enjoy the outdoors in this beautiful state of Colorado.  There are so many outdoor activities, from road biking, mountain biking, hiking trails, mountain trails up to the mountain peeks, swimming, running .. etc.  You name it, it can be done here.  Now, I also find lifting weights a lot of fun, but when I can get outside and enjoy the blue skies and sunshine, and still get good exercise, then sign me up!  So many people, when they here the word “exercise“, automatically turn away.  In their minds, it is something they have to go to the gym to do.  My hope is that people will realize that exercise is all about moving your body.  It is about having fun, playing with your kids, taking a walk or hike with family and friends.  My wife and I love to exercise together.  Our daughter and her husband are also into fitness, and we do things with them as well.  Fitness should always be fun to you. Other wise, it becomes a burden and an inconvenience, and you will not want anything to do with it.  So, make it enjoyable!  Think about the things you love to do and go do them?  Take a friend or loved one with you to help them get out and enjoy life with you.  Life is to darn short and stressful to not enjoy it.  GO! Enjoy life and have fun doing it!


2 thoughts on “GO! Enjoy life.

  1. So true!! There is so much to do in this beautiful state….but no matter where you live, there are fun activities to do outside!! Enjoy life….we need to destress and exercising does that for me!! Thanks Don!!


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