Made to THRIVE!

THRIVE.  Flourish; Prosper; Blossom; Succeed; Healthy.  These are just a few of the words used describe that word, Thrive.  There is a song called “We were made to thrive”.  When we put that into context, we were made to flourish; we were made to prosper; we were made to succeed; we were made to live a healthy life.  We were MADE, to thrive.  Are we really hearing this?  We were made to flourish in a life that is full of prosperity and health.  We were made to blossom into something so much more than we are now.  This is Thriving!  When we are able to see ourselves as something spectacular; something radiant; something earth shattering, then we are seeing ourselves as what we really are.  I know that many of us, including myself, do not see our selves as Thriving.  Is it because we are “not there yet”?  “We keep failing at things and end up taking two steps backward”?   Well, if that is the case, we are not really understanding the definition of Thriving.  Think about it like this: how long does it take a flower to blossom?  I can guarantee you, it is not over night.  How about prosperity, health, and success?  None of these things happen overnight.  But with great perseverance and determination, they DO happen!  Thriving is a journey; a life long journey.  For a plant, or a tree,  it starts from the moment that little seedling takes root, and starts to grow.  For us, (in my opinion anyway) it starts as soon as we make the decision that we will no longer accept failure as an option.  We make the decision to get back up, brush off the dust, and keep moving toward accomplishing our goals.  Look around you at the people you would consider to be thriving.  I guarantee everyone of them has had set backs in their lives.  What makes them different than us is, they didn’t let those things stop them.  They .. kept .. going!  We too, will keep  on going.  We will keep on going because we were MADE to thrive!  It is built into our genes to keep going through the toughest of times and to never say never.  So, no matter where we are in life, remember this one thing : We are destined to live a life or prosperity and success.  We are destined to THRIVE!


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