Ask yourself this..

What is more important to you?  Meeting your goals, or giving into your cravings?  I was faced with this very question this weekend.  Saturday morning rolls around and I am thinking to myself, “man, ice cream sure would taste good tonight”.  On the other hand, I had a good week not having sweets, and I was feeling a lot better physically and mentally.  So, I had to ask myself if having that ice cream, would be worth losing that feeling of accomplishment.  I am happy to report, I did not give in .. on Saturday.  Then Sunday rolled round and I had that same predicament.  I did give in and buy the ice cream, but I have yet to diver into it’s creamy deliciousness.  So, here we are on a nice sunny Monday morning and I have that same decision to make tonight. To eat the ice cream, or to not eat the ice cream.  Every day we will be faced with decisions that will potentially have an impact on not only our physical health, but also our emotional health.  Yes, I said emotional health.  Think about it, when we are running a race and are out in front of the pack and feeling good, and then all of a sudden we stumble and fall and the pack catches up to us; that has an impact on our emotional state.  The rest of the race we are anxious and nervous and even angry abut the stumble we took and how it impacted the out come of the race.  This is no different.  We are emotionally attached to our food, and when we give into those emotions, we are going to feel the impact.  So, here’s the thing.  It is ok to have those desires.  We are human and there are things we enjoy eating, or doing, and if it helps us to feel satisfied so that we can continue the race, then I say go for it!  The question will still be there for you to answer each time you feel that desire, so, be prepared to answer it.  It is a question only you can answer.  Don’t worry about what anyone else may say or think.  This is your journey, and only you can own it!


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