Anticipate success.

Anticipation!  Eagerly awaiting the big day.  It can drive you crazy.  Imagine the emotions a young bride goes through, leading up to the biggest day of her life!  Or an expecting mother, anticipating the miracle of child birth.  I remember like it was yesterday, walking my daughter down the isle on her big day.  She was so nervous; I was so Proud! Anticipating the greatest joys in life can be nerve racking, but once the moment hits, it is like a breath of fresh air.  There is no greater joy, than being in that moment.  I remember the year I lost 30 pounds! It was 2013.   (I know, I know, it doesn’t even come close to getting married or having children, so please humor me on this). I had knee replacement surgery in Jan of 2012, and that whole year was miserable for me.  I was depressed; I gained a bunch of weight; I was having a hard time recovering and regaining mobility; I was miserable.  Then in January of 2013 my Dr. said I was healing great and could start exercising more.  IT WAS ON!!  My wife and I committed to an exercise program, and we jumped right in.  It was challenging at first because I had not exercised in a year, but once I got my momentum going, I didn’t want to stop.  I could feel my body changing.   I have to say, I was lovin’ life!  I got to a point where I couldn’t wait to get to the next workout the following morning.  The anticipation of getting to the next level was driving me to do more.  Ahhh.. life was good.  I lost 30 pounds and felt incredible.  Then something happened.  I lost the excitement.  I started to lose that feeling of anticipation for the next day’s workout.  To this day, I am still not sure what happened. After all the success I had losing the weight and getting healthy, how did I allow my self to lose focus?  I have only one answer to that question:  I stopped anticipating the excitement of getting to that next workout.  Maybe because the workouts no longer challenged me; or maybe I just got lazy.  I am not sure what happened.  I just know that as I look at where I am now, after gaining all 30 pounds back, (plus some extra), I need to get that excitement back that I once had.  I share this because I am no different than any of you. I go through my ups-and-downs just like you do.  Life happens.  We get side tracked and lose our focus and desire.  But that does not have to be what defines us.  We can still make the changes we need to make and be successful.  Will it be easy?  Maybe not.  But it CAN BE DONE!  Together, we can all regain that excitement and anticipation that we once had, of reaching our goals.


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