You are WORTH IT!

What would it be like, if the world around us, had no influence at all on how we live our lives?  No one telling us we are too fat, or too skinny, or too shy, or too loud… etc.  We are constantly under the microscope of how the world perceives us.  Unfortunately, it is much worse for women, than it is for men.  I agree, that is totally unfair.  My hope is, that we can all see ourselves for who we are, without the outside influences.  Yes, there may be changes we need to make in order be the “best version” of ourselves that we can be, BUT we need to make those changes based on our own personal choices.  As a 53 year old man, I realize that I will have some “restrictions” to what I can achieve.  I get that.  I also understand that, my results will be based on how much effort I put into the process. You are no different.  You can do anything you put your mind to.  So, let’s take a step back a minute to the outside influences we discussed earlier.  We have already discussed is an earlier BLOG, that we live our lives based on our emotions.  So, when our outside influences are telling us (for example) we are too fat,  what do our emotions, tell us to do?  Stop eating?  Eat more?  Start exercising?  Our emotions will tell us, what we ALLOW them to tell us.  If we give into the outside influences, we will more than likely turn to the extreme.  The Quick Fix.  I have talked to so many people that are trying to lose weight and they just stop eating because that is the “quick fix” for them.  The way of thinking; “In order lose weight I have to eat less” or ” I have to stop eating because food makes me fat”,  will not only steer you in the opposite direction you want to go, but could potentially create severe disorders. Losing weight does not necessarily mean eating less.  It means you have to start watching what you eat and make better choices. The same applies if you want to gain weight.   The important thing to remember here is, YOU ARE WORTH IT!  Nothing can stop you from succeeding,  except you.  Don’t listen to the outside “noise”, just be confident in who you are.


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