Lets burn that fat.

We have talked a lot about the difference between burning calories, and burning fat.  As a general rule, cardio vascular exercise, like running or cycling, burns calories.  It is designed to increase your hearth rate beyond it’s normal rate and burn calories for up to 3 hours after the workout.  Resistance training is designed to burn body fat.  Resistance training is nothing more than using your muscles to to move weight around.  The cool thing about resistance training is, you don’t have to be a member of a fitness center to do it.  You can use … YOU!  Your body weight, becomes your resistance.  Performing exercises like push-ups, standing squats, even sit-ups, are ways of using your own body to create resistance.  You may be wondering how resistance training burns body fat? Well, when you use your muscles, you are actually tearing muscle tissue.  When you tear that muscle tissue, your body knows that it has to be repaired, so it goes into repair mode. It can take up to 48 hours to repair torn muscle tissue.  In that time frame, as your body is working tirelessly to make those repairs, your bodies metabolism is also working tirelessly to provide the energy needed to keep your bodies repair process going.  As long as you are feeding your body proper nutrition, your body will use that food consumption as energy for your daily activities.  That now allows for your body to use your stored body fat, to supply the energy needed to repair the torn muscle tissue. So, you can see how important it is to include resistance training to your health plan.  If your goal is to lose body fat, you have to use resistance training.  Now, as a side note for you women, this does NOT mean you are going to get big muscles.  Your bodies are just not designed that way.  What you will be doing though, is adding strong, lean muscle to your body. Another amazing benefit form gaining lean muscle is, you will be increasing bone density!  This means, stronger, healthier bones.  Imagine how beneficial this will be to your overall health as you start to age.  AMAZING!  Your body will thank you for many years to come.


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