Go ahead, HIIT me..

What is all the hoop-la around this HIIT workout program?  Some of you may have heard of this before.  It is talked about in fitness magazines, on health shows, in fitness centers and even reality TV shows.  HIIT,  stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  Now, don’t let the words “high intensity” scare you.  Your level of high intensity will be completely different than someone else’s.  This is all about YOU, turning your workout into a more “intense” one.  The concept of HIIT, is to turn your normal training routine into Interval training.  What I mean by that is, let’s say you enjoy walking or jogging as a form of exercise.  In order to get your heart rate up with more consistency,  and increase your bodies ability to burn more calories, you will increase and then decrease the intensity of that exercise in intervals. So, you start off at a normal pace for, let’s say, 2 minutes to get yourself warmed up. Then after that 2 minutes, you increase the intensity of your pace for 30 seconds.  Then, decrease it back down for 1 minute.  Then, increase back up a little bit more than the previous interval, for 30 seconds, then back down a little bit for another minute, and then repeat.  Now, here is the key:  When you are increasing and decreasing your intensity, it is always at a different level than the interval before.  You want you keep your body guessing, and keep your heart rate changing.  You can do this interval routine anywhere from a few minutes for those who need to start at a slower pace, or up to 30 minutes for advanced workouts.  One of the things I personally love about HIIT is, you do not have to limit your workout to just one exercise.  You can incorporate 2 or more exercises into one routine. For example, try combining these exercises: burpees, squat jumps, mountain climbers, scissor jacks.. just to name a few! Don’t be afraid to try new things.  Remember, change is a good thing.  Not only for our bodies, but for our character as well.

Please feel free to contact me with any with any questions or comments.


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