No limits!

One of the things I really love about health is, there are no limits.  No age limits; no gender limits; no cultural limits.  Anyone can decide to live a healthy life!  My wife and I are members of a local Fitness Center.  We go early in the morning so we can get our workouts in before we start the day.  There is a gentleman there that has paralysis on his right side. He cannot use his right arm, and has limited mobility on right leg.   He is there almost every morning, and I tell ya’h, he does not slack off at all.  By the time he is done, he is drenched in sweat.  He is such an inspiration.  I have often thought, what if that were me?  Would I  have the courage and motivation to do what he does every day?  I am ashamed to say, I am not sure that I would.  Inspiring others is not an easy task.  When I think of people that inspire me, I see people with a great deal of humility, courage, selflessness and compassion.  This gentleman could easily have given up. He could have used the paralysis as an excuse to NOT do anything, and no one would have said a word about it.  We put limitations on ourselves when we live in fear and doubt.  We all have so much potential!   We need to live according to our abilities, and not according to our fears.  When we live our lives with the intention to succeed, we will all be able to inspire others, to do the same!


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