FOOD!  We need it in order to sustain our bodies ability to function.  It provides us with energy, strength, and even comfort.  For centuries, food has been the staple for family gatherings and entertainment.  It is depicted in paintings, and historical writings.  Food seems to have become the basis of our very existence.  Just the mention of food, and people come running.  I love food!  There is nothing like the smell of a nice juicy steak grilling on the open flames.  Or the taste of perfectly seasoned Salmon filet.  What ever your food preference may be, there is something about it that keeps drawing you to it.  When I am sad about something, or feeling overwhelmed, nothing beats the comfort of a nice pint of Ice Cream.  There is nothing wrong with food, in fact, I like to call it “my friend”.  But when it comes to food, we do have to be mindful of what it can do “to” us and what it can do “for” us.  In the coming days, we will be discussing those very topics, and then some.  I hope that these topics will be useful tools to help guide you in your journey to health.


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